High-End Equipment
from World Wide Premium Suppliers
Core Business

CAPSICUM AS is a supplier of equipment to the Norwegian Military and Police, units and individuals:

  • High-quality firearms and weapon systems
  • Target illumination, aiming lasers and fire control systems
  • Night vision and thermal devices
  • Scopes, sights and range finders
  • Ammunition
  • Weapon accessories
  • Duty gear
  • Gun range equipment
  • Body armor
  • Less lethal

CAPSICUM AS is today a company in the NFM Group and follow the NFM Group of policy related to quality assurance, anti-corruption compliance procedures and use of well proven suppliers.


Our staff is specifically selected to guarantee the highest level of combined competence. Each project is therefore managed by a team of experts specifically selected to guarantee the highest performance and best possible results.

Our in-depth knowledge about the end-users and their environment, enables us to meet their requirements, effectively and with a high degree of precision.


CAPSICUM AS holds a portfolio of leading brands, high quality and fielded products to the Norwegian Police and Military forces.


Glynitveien 15, 1400 Ski,


Phone: +47 64 85 14 00



Working hours

Monday-Friday: 8:00 – 16:00
Saturday-Sunday: Closed

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