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TenCate Protective Fabrics

TenCate Protective Fabrics is enabling millions of people worldwide to be great at what they do. Generations of professionals in emergency response, military, light and heavy industry, energy, and oil & gas have been relying on our fabrics for safety, comfort and confidence. We enable professionals who dedicate their lives to protecting the lives of others. Firefighters, soldiers and police officers rely on our protection to complete their mission and return home safely.

From the harshest working conditions, to the welcoming sight of home, we recognize the people we’re protecting are unique individuals whose lives extend beyond work. Supporting a world of evolving needs, our innovations lead the way in user-centered design, technology and sustainability. We’re proud to continue our 300-year-old manufacturing tradition as we design, develop and produce fabrics that bring out the best in professionals — in work, as well as in life.

In 2009, OSS introduced the first Flow-Through® suppressor. Engineered to deliver superior sound suppression without adversely affecting the weapon system, Flow-Through® technology would go on to completely disrupt the suppressor industry. Adopted by military units and law enforcement agencies, OSS Flow-Through® suppressors became the gold standard in suppression systems for professionals around the world.



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